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The minute you leave the car dealership, your car is exposed to everyday wear and tear that puts your paintwork and interior surfaces to the test.

No matter how you use your car, whether its for the everyday travel to and from work or just for the weekend road trips with the family, car care is essential
in helping to safeguard your car against the inevitable bird poop, dirt and mud, coffee spills on the seats, and (almost) everything in between!

Exterior Surface Protection

Did you know that car manufacturers now use water-based paints? This is due to environmental and health regulations, which meant that oil based car paints were phased out.

Water based paints help protect the environment but are softer, thinner and in-turn, exposed to so many contaminants. Paint protection creates a durable layer that ensures dirt and mud (and other contaminants) don’t stick to the paintwork, but rather sheet off the surface, keeping it cleaner and glossier for longer.

Closeup Example Before Quality Surface ProtectionCloseup Example After Quality Surface Protection

Car Window Tint

Did you know that window tint is not just for good looks? The common preconception about tint is that it adds a stylish, dark finish to the windows of your ride, but it’s so much more than that!

Window film offers heat and glare rejection, and reduces the amount of UV rays that enter through the windows – helping to protect you and your passengers from skin damage. Also, it also has safety benefits as it holds glass together in the event of an accident, reducing the likelihood of glass shards breaking away and injuring passengers.

Before Window Tint SolutionsAfter Window Tint Solutions

Interior Surface Coating

So many Australians spend a lot of time in the car, particularly on the daily commute to and from work. Because we rely on our cars so heavily, the time spent keeping it clean increases.

Add a durable layer of protection to your interior surfaces, to help protect against coffee spills, ice-cream mishaps, muddy boots on the carpets, faded leather, and even cracking dashboards.

The result: an easier clean when the kids spill their sticky ice-cream in the back seat!

Car Seat Before Interior Protection SolutionsCar Seat After Interior Protection Solutions

Vehicle Electronics

Although your vehicle may come with some electronic accessories, there are still so many options to further enhance your driving experience.

And with electronics, you want to get the best quality and most advanced technology available. Check out our range of parking sensors, reverse cameras, navigation systems, alarm systems, music streaming systems, DVD players, dash cams…the list goes on!

Pre-Owned Vehicle Rejuvenation

Is your pre-owned vehicle’s paint needing a refresh? RELOAD paint rejuvenation is a pre-owned vehicle protection program designed exclusively to enhance the gloss and shine of your vehicle. RELOAD not only protects the paint surfaces from UV induced fading, discolouration and oxidisation, it also provides protection against the damage caused by tree sap, bug splatter, bird and bat droppings.

Car Front Exterior Before Reload Vehicle Protection TreatmentCar Front Exterior After Reload Vehicle Protection Treatment

Cosmetic Car Repairs

Ah, we’ve all been there. The yellow bollard jumped out of nowhere in the carpark, or the wheel was a lot closer to the gutter than first thought.

Car scratches and dents are inevitable. Make the repair a much easier and less expensive experience with a cosmetic car repair membership. The repair process is simple: take a photo of the damage, book in a time and place for the repair (your home or office, perhaps), and our mobile Technician will come to you!

Damaged Car Rim Closeup Before TreatmentCar Rim Closeup After Treatment


Did you know bacteria can thrive on even the smallest of crumbs? With food and liquid spills, including milk products, your vehicle provides an ideal feeding ground for microbes and super-bugs.

It’s not just the surface that’s contaminated, you’re also breathing it in. When turned on, your air-conditioning and heating systems can release airborne bacteria & allergens that get blown straight into your face.

Germinator works rapidly and effectively to naturally decompose all vehicle odours, while thoroughly ridding your car of these infectious bacteria strains. Book in a sanitisation treatment through your service department today!

Car Seat Before Successful Germinator TreatmentCar Seat After Successful Germinator Treatment

Auto Protection Film

Have you noticed the incidental scratches on the high wear areas of your vehicle, like door cups and the boot ledge?
Cleargard Auto Protective Film protects the high wear areas of your vehicle with near invisible film.
This film has self healing properties, any superficial scratches will literally disappear when exposed to heat like the sun.
SUV After Successful Clearguard TreatmentSUV Showing Key Clearguard Protection Points