Schmick Scratch & Dent Assist Membership


Everyone wants to keep their car looking good.  We all enjoy having a ride that looks schmick from top to bottom.  But keeping our ride looking schmick can sometimes be a challenge!  It’s the constant bumps and scrapes we get from other sometimes careless drivers that not only affect the appearance of our car but also the resale value.

The Easy Solution

MotorOne’s Cosmetic Repair Membership Program – Schmick. A membership gives you the benefit of having a wide range of repairs carried out on-site at your home or office and members pay a small fee of only $55 per repair.

So what do you get as a Schmick Member?

  • Alloy wheels – gutter scrapes repaired
  • Pressure dents repaired up to 10cm
  • Stone chips up to 3mm
  • Bumper scrapes repaired – we allow up to a whopping 40cm in length
  • Surface scuffs repaired
  • Windscreen chips up to 3mm
  • Small holes in your leather, vinyl or fabric interior.

Scratch & Dent Services

Leather Interior Repair BeforeLeather Interior Repair After

Interior Repairs.
Cosmetic repair to vinyl, leather & fabric seats and interior trim.

Windscreen Cosmetic Repair BeforeWindscreen Cosmetic Repair After

Repairs of up to 2 front windscreen stone chips with a maximum diameter of 3mm.

Car Paint Stone Chips Before TreatmentCar Paint Stone Chips After Treatment

Stone Chips.
Cosmetic repair of up to 20 stone chips to a maximum size of 3mm per stone chip.

Damaged Car Rim Before Cosmetic RepairPreviously Damaged Car Rim After Cosmetic Repair

Alloy Wheels – Hub Caps.
Repair and repaint gutter scrapes and surface marks to an alloy wheel or up to 2 hub caps.

Get In Touch

All work is carried out by our professional, friendly and reliable team, and you enjoy the MotorOne quality satisfaction guarantee on all repairs. And our programs are designed for both new and pre-owned cars up to 5 years old (subject to inspection).

Don’t put up with car scratches or dents, become part of the MotorOne Cosmetic Car Repair Program by getting in touch with our friendly team.