X-PACK Surface Coatings

Four ways in one for xtreme vehicle protection.

Nothing compares with the luxurious scent, the superb condition of the interior and the glorious finish of the duco of a new car. Now you can preserve and protect all of this with exclusive X-PACK.

X-PACK is a unique collection of top quality coatings designed to keep your car in pristine condition, and includes:

HiGloss Surface Coating

X-Pack HiGloss is a unique exterior coating that preserves and protects paintwork, helping to keep it in pristine condition. Harnessing the latest global nanotechnology (the science of engineering particles so small they are 1000 times smaller than can be seen by the naked eye), this coating delivers superior coverage, gloss and stronger surface bonding. 

Vinyl Conditioner

A proven formula that conditions and protects vinyl surfaces. Despite being robust and long wearing, vinyl surfaces are constantly exposed to UV rays. These effects can cause unprotected surfaces to prematurely age, discolour and crack. Enhance internal vinyl surfaces including dashboards, consoles, door panels and other trim by coating the surface layer to protect, helping to keep them in ‘as-new’ condition.

Leather Preserver

Scientifically formulated to preserve the feel and aroma of new leather upholstery. It actively penetrates the pores of the leather, nourishing, moisturising and protecting it. Unlike other products it is specifically designed for leather and is not a multi-purpose vinyl/leather sealant. Leather Preserver’s high-quality lanolin formulation soaks deep down into the hide to maintain and enhance its softness and suppleness, protecting against hardening, drying and cracking.

Fabric & Carpet Protector

X-PACK Fabric & Carpet Protector provides durable and invisible protection against commonly consumed food and liquids whilst being completely safe for you, your family and the environment. Containing the bacterial protection system Bactishield®, this remarkable product from X-PACK will protect your vehicle’s fabric against harmful bacteria, moulds and fungus. Just the sort of allergens that may trigger respiratory conditions like asthma or hay fever.

X-PACK cares for the environment. With X-PACK exterior surface coating, your car’s superb glossy finish attracts less dirt, is so much easier to wash and uses less water to do so. X-PACK fabric and carpet protection is water-based and environmentally friendly. 

It’s an outstanding investment in vehicle and environmental protection, now and for years to come.