The ultimate in vehicle protection.

MING vehicle protection consists of Enviroshield, High Gloss Paint Protection, Interior Protection, Rustproofing and Underbody Sound Deadener.


Enviroshield provides the ultimate in vehicle protection. Enviroshield’s enhanced formula delivers outstanding protection, gloss and shine.

–  Protects against harmful UV which can cause discolouration, fading and oxidization.
–  Outstanding stain resistance against bird droppings and tree sap.
–  Durable long-lasting finish.
–  Eliminates the need to wax and polish – saving time and money!
–  Easy-clean non-stick surface makes washing easier.
–  Backed by MotorOne’s Nationwide Warranty* for added peace of mind.

High gloss paint protection

–  High gloss paint protection seals the porous surface of your paintwork
–  Provides the ultimate protection against damaging UV rays which can cause fading, discolouration and oxidization.
–  Makes touch-ups and colour match easier, helping preserve both the appearance and resale value.
–  Easy-clean non-stick surface makes washing easier.
–  Eliminates the need to wax and polish – saving time and money!

Protecting the interior

Fabric and Carpet Protection
–  Provides a strong and effective barrier against permanent stains.
–  Not just a surface spray – seals and coats fibres for lasting protection.
–  Low maintenance, easy-clean surface saves time and money!

Vinyl and Leather Protection
Seals vinyl and leather locking in moisture and preventing surface dehydration.
–  Protects against damaging UV rays which can cause cracking and splitting.
–  Lasting low sheen finish.
–  Low maintenance – just a damp cloth to remove dust.
–  Suitable for all vinyl and leather surfaces.


The wax-based formula provides the ultimate protection against perforation rust.  This self-healing formula seals out air, moisture, and salt.

–  Neutralizes any existing rust.
–  Applied inside door cavities, sills, boot and around tail and headlight mountings.
–  Penetrates welds and seams – total underbody protection provides total peace of mind!
–  Thixotropic formula self-heals minor scrapes and scratches on the treated surface.
–  Conforms to Australian Standards (rust prevention)

Underbody sound deadener

If you want to create a quieter driving experience, Underbody Sound Deadener is the solution. For best results, we recommend using in conjunction with Rust Proofing for the ultimate in road noise reduction.

–  Rubber-based compound that provides a thick protective coating on the underbody and inside wheel wells/arches.
–  Thixotropic formula self-heals minor scrapes and scratches on the treated surface.
–  Helps insulate and protect the underbody of the vehicle.
–  Reduces road noise for a quieter driving experience.

To find out more about MING Vehicle Protection, download the brochure below.

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