Xtreme Car Protection Pack


Whatever your choice, you need to find out how you can protect it with extreme vehicle protection! Streetwise from MotorOne is your solution to Xtreme car protection.

Streetwise from MotorOne is a dynamic duo combining a High Performance Surface Coating to protect your paintwork, and a 2 year membership with our Cosmetic Repairs Membership Program.

How Does It Work?

Streetwise Surface Coating harnesses global technology – nanotechnology, to produce a high gloss coating that fuses to the clear coat on the vehicle.

Giving outstanding shine and protection against weather induced oxidization and fading, and the damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter.

Our Cosmetic Repair membership program really is extreme vehicle protection! Members can take advantage of our convenient mobile service. Our fully trained, professional repair technicians come to you at home or at work.

Membership benefits include repairs to surface scuffs, scraped bumpers, gutter scuffs on alloy wheels, repairs to stone chips and scraped exterior wing mirror casings. All for a low fixed-price per repair.

Extreme Protection

Because at MotorOne we know just how important it is to keep cars looking good. Our extensive range of vehicle protection programs means we can tailor a protection package that suits your specific needs and lifestyle.

Our High Performance Coatings do not break down and need no reapplication – we totally eliminate the need to wax and polish – isn’t that really xtreme car protection!

Get In Touch

We can help direct you to the nearest dealer and answer any questions you may have about our extreme vehicle protection.