What Is Car Detailing


What is car detailing? Car detailing can mean a lot of different things to different people. A full detail would usually include a cut and polish on the exterior of the vehicle and thorough cleaning of the interior.

So rather than ask what is car detailing – ask how can I protect and preserve my new vehicle?

Why Choose MotorOne?

The problem with having your car detailed is that not only is it a costly and time consuming exercise, the cutting and polishing agents used by many detailers are abrasive and can cause swirl marks and surface scratches on your paintwork.

  • MotorOne is Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care products
  • Our High Performance Coatings protect both the exterior and interior of your car
  • All our coatings are backed by the MotorOne Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
  • Our High Performance Coatings are available for vehicles up to 5 years old

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So, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to caring for your car – one that will save you time & money and eliminate the need to use cutters, polishes and waxes on your paintwork – Contact the MotorOne experts!