Vehicle Protection Plan


Whether you just bought a brand-new sports car or a second car for your daily commute, our range of vehicle protection plans are designed to keep your car looking its best. With each vehicle protection program designed specifically around key factors such as exterior surface protection, interior protection and scratch & dent repair, rest assured that your car is protected by the best.

The Best Vehicle Protection Plan

SMART Cosmetic Repair Membership – our cosmetic repair vehicle protection program allows you to have unlimited smaller repairs for a fixed $55 per repair for the duration of the membership*.

This is a great option to keep your car in pristine condition, while still maintaining your no-claims discount on insurance.

Other Vehicle Protection Options

Protektiv – The worlds most advanced vehicle protection system, certified to meet the Boeing D6-17487 specification. Our Protektiv products offer a range of different options including paint protection, leather, fabric, carpet and vinyl coating. This means you can control your vehicle protection plan cost in line with your specific needs.

Reload – better than a used car protection plan, this full suite of projects can help rejuvenate your cars’ paintwork and interior surfaces to its original state. The Reload program includes paint surface, leather, vinyl and fabric and carpet coating

Get in Touch

Contact us through the enquiry page to learn more about our great range of car protection plans. With a dedicated team available, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help you make the right choice in selecting a vehicle protection program for your individual needs.

*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply