Vehicle Paint Protection


All new cars come with a factory warranty against any paint defects, however manufacturers do not cover what they deem to be environmental damage.  So what is the best way to protect the paintwork on your new car?

Waxes & Polishes

Many vehicle paint protection formulas are a resin/PTFE or Teflon-like formula.  The problem is, these products break down over time and may require reapplication or rejuvenation.

Polishes as a general rule contain an abrasive agent which makes the car look shiny as the product cleans out the impurities from the porous surface of the paintwork.  Problem is, this can also lead to surface scratching and damage to the clearcoat.

Waxes provide only limited protection as they are broken down by constant exposure to UV, dirt and road grime, and again require constant reapplication to provide any level of continued protection.

High Performance Surface Coatings For Paint

Protektiv Paint Surface Coating is not like a traditional vehicle paint protection.  The combination of silica dioxide and ceramic nano particles delivers a coating with outstanding durability, abrasion resistance and protection against not just surface oxidization, but also a wide range of environmental contaminates including bird & bat droppings, tree sap & water marks.

Unlike traditional vehicle paint protection, Protektiv offers a far more permanent solution to vehicle protection.

  • German engineered and certified to Boeing D6-17487 standards
  • Extreme levelling of the coating produces outstanding performance and shine
  • A hard as nails coating with superior gloss and shine
  • Backed by the MotorOne Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.
  • Available only from authorised Protektiv dealerships.

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