UV Window Tint


Not only does UV window tint help protect you and your family from prolonged ultraviolet exposure, but also keeps your car interior looking newer for longer. And with many different shades to choose from, whether you’re after a darker shade of film or a clear UV window tint, we’ve got the right film for you.

Exceptional Performance UV Blocking Window Tint

Our range of UV blocking window tint not only reduced UV, but also helps reduce heat and glare by up to 60%. This means a more comfortable driving experience for you and your family. And what’s more, in the event of glass shattering, UV window tint can help hold the glass shrapnel together, to further minimise injury caused by flying glass shrapnel.
And with a nationwide lifetime warranty*, rest assured that your investment in UV protection window tint is protected for life!

Our Cancer Council Endorsed Films

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Get in touch with a dealer near you for more information about UV window tint, or to learn more about our range. We’re happy to walk you through the different options and help you make a more informed choice in picking the right UV blocking window tint for your needs.

*warranty terms, conditions and limitations apply.