UV Window Coatings


Installing film that has anti-glare coating for windows is one of the most effective ways of reducing exposure to ultraviolet radiation while driving. And because our range of UV window coatings come in different darkness levels, you’re sure to find one that suits your specific requirements.

Benefits of UV Protective Coating for Windows

  • Safer driving – Reduced exposure to ultraviolet rays, decrease in glare, resulting in increased driving visibility.
  • Protects against UV discolouration – UV protective coating for windows helps reduce interior discolouration and cracking of your car’s interior.
  • Added safety for you and your passengers – helps hold glass shrapnel together in the event of your car windows braking.
  • Nationwide lifetime warranty – with a track record for never dishonouring a valid warranty claim, rest assured that your investment in UV window coating is protected for life.
Car Window Film Before InstallationCar Window Film After Installation

Get in Touch

Enquire with your closest dealer to learn more about UV protective coating for car windows. With specialists ready to take any questions you may have, we can work with you to understand your lifestyle requirements and help you decide the right anti-glare window coating for you.