UV Protection for Windows


Getting UV protection for windows is a great way of reducing your family’s exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation while in your car. With a range of different shades of darkness, ranging from the darkest legal to clear UV protection film, finding the right film that matches your specific requirements has never been easier!

The Best Window Films for UV Protection

With only the very best UV protection window films, we offer a limited lifetime warranty for our range*. This includes:

  • Cancer Council endorsed UV glass protection film – an extensive range of films that offer maximum protection from ultraviolet radiation. With a portion of every sale in this range going to fund cancer research, make the responsible choice in protecting yours and the lives of others.
  • Our window film is the darkest legal UV glass protection film for a sleek look. With exceptional levels of darkness, our window film offers unmatched levels of privacy.

Our Cancer Council Endorsed Films

Make the Responsible Choice

Use the enquiry form to get in touch with us to find your nearest dealer. With some of the very best window film for UV protection, trust us to find the right film for your budget and lifestyle.

*warranty terms, conditions and limitations apply.