Protektiv Exterior Coating


In Australia’s harsh climate one thing is certain.  We need to protect against harmful UV – whether it is protection against sun-related skin cancers, or protection against UV related damage on the paintwork of our cars. Protektiv Exterior Coating is German Engineered and tested to the stringent standards of Boeing.

Excellent Defence

Protektiv’s unique formula combines Silica Dioxide and Ceramic to deliver the world’s most advanced paint protection formula. Protektiv Exterior Coating delivers unrivalled protection against:

  • Weather induced oxidization, fading & loss of gloss.
  • Damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap, bug splatter, water marks and sunscreen.
  • Provides exceptional resistance to heat & abrasion resulting in a long-lasting durable finish.
  • And, eliminates the need to spend valuable time, money and energy on polishing or other high maintenance interventions.

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