Protektiv Dealership


The wait is over! The world’s most advanced paint protection has arrived in Australia. So how can you enjoy all the benefits of this truly remarkable technology?

Protektiv Surface Coatings

Ask your Protektiv Dealership! MotorOne is Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care, and to celebrate the launch of Protektiv here in Australia, we have selected a small number of dealerships across Australia to undertake the Protektiv Application Certification.

Protektiv Dealership staff are fully trained in the comprehensive application process to deliver a protective coating that outshines and outlasts any other product available in the Australian marketeplace.

The Formula - Silica Dioxide

Silica Dioxide delivered in a formula of Ceramic nano particles results in a glass-like coating that offers:

  • Extreme heat resistance
  • UV Tolerance (prevents oxidization, fading & loss of gloss)
  • Hardness & durability
  • Bonding (fuses to the paintwork on the vehicle)
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Light refraction (outstanding gloss)
  • Exceptional protection from bird & bat droppings, tree sap & bug splatter

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

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Backed by a Nationwide Warranty from Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care products – MotorOne. Contact your local dealer to get an obligation free quote and to answer any question you may have.