Premier Vehicle Protection


When buying new products most of us do our research before we hit the shops!  Problem is, we are absolutely overwhelmed by the volume of information; finding what’s relevant can often be the challenge. Vehicle protection is an excellent example of information overload.

Everyone claims to have premier vehicle products that offer premier vehicle protection.  When choosing the product that will give you the best result you need to know how the product works and what it will do for you!  As a simple guide, these are some of the issues that should impact your choice of product.

Important Q&A

  • Does the product contain any silicone? Silicone can create problems in the event you need paint touch-ups or re-sprays.
  • Is the formula a fluoropolymer (Teflon-like) or resin formula? These ingredients whilst producing excellent gloss when first applied will break down over time due to abrasion caused by dirt & road grime.
  • Does the product come with a warranty and what is the reputation of the distributor?
  • Is there any maintenance plan or re-application of the product required in order for the warranty to remain valid?
  • Are you able to easily access service & support in the event of a warranty claim? Some products are not widely distributed which means making a warranty claim can be time-consuming and inconvenient in terms of locating an authorised agent.

The Solution

Protektiv from MotorOne is the world’s most advanced vehicle protection system for cars.  It delivers premier auto protection in a range of surface coatings developed for both the exterior and interior of your car.  Protektiv Surface Coating for Paint does more than any paint protection product.

By combing the glass-like properties of silica with the superior abrasion resistance of ceramic, Protektiv not only offers the permanent solution to protection, but saves you significantly in terms of time & money to maintain the vehicle.

The coating does not need reapplication, and not only does it prevent weather induced oxidization & fading, it also protects against a wide range of environmental contaminates including bird & bat droppings, tree sap, bug splatter, water marks & sunscreen marks.

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