Paint Protection


Researching any product on the internet can be frustrating!  There can be a lot of confusing and often contradictory information that makes it difficult to know how to make an informed choice.  Paint protection is certainly an example of a product where a lot of information is available.  What many readers aren’t aware of is that there are many different types of paint protection which deliver many different results.

The Formula

Like any product, the composition of key ingredients will set one product aside from another & deliver potentially different results.  The key ingredient in many traditional paint protection formulas is usually a type of resin, sometimes combined with a high-quality wax.  Whilst the initial result is a glossy smooth finish, these formulas break down when exposed to constant UV & abrasion.  Meaning they’ll need rejuvenation or reapplication.

The Application

Some paint protection products require heat to allow them to bond to the paintwork so must be applied using a buff.   The problem is that buffing can lead to swirl marks on the surface causing damage to the clearcoat.

The Warranty

Given that many of the traditional paint protection formulas will break down over time, many have limited warranties.  This could be limited in terms of duration or stipulated in their terms & conditions that the vehicle will need an inspection and/or reapplication of the product.

The Solution

To get the best solution you need more than just a resin or wax-based product.  Protektiv Surface Coating for Paint combines two powerful ingredients – silica dioxide (used in the manufacture of crystalware & glass), & ceramic nano particles.  Ceramic delivers outstanding heat & abrasion resistance which means the coating does not break down over time.  Protektiv is more than just a paint protection product.

  • Glass-like properties mean outstanding gloss and shine and a hard-durable protective coating that prevents damage from even the harshest environmental contaminates such as bird & bat droppings, tree sap and water marks.
  • Hand applied by fully trained Protektiv applicators; the product fuses to the clearcoat with no buffing required.
  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranty with no reapplication or inspections required.
  • Engineered in Germany and tested in the USA to Boeing D6-17487 standards.
  • Totally eliminates the need to wax or polish the vehicle; simply hand wash with a PH neutral car shampoo.

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