Paint Protection Gold Coast


While some car enthusiasts enjoy detailing their car, the time and effort needed to maintain a showroom finish can add up. This is why we introduced our high performance paint protection solutions – to keep your car looking newer, while spending less time doing so!

Why Our Paint Protection Products Are Superior

Whether you’re looking for car paint protection in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or virtually anywhere in Australia, you’ll find our range of paint protection to be far superior to most others out there. Here’s why:

  • Our car paint protection is a one off, comprehensive and permanent solution that works season after season all year round.
  • Provides effective protection against virtually all elements including bird and bat droppings, bug splatter and tree sap. Also adds a layer of defence against fading and discolouration caused by the harsh Gold Coast sun.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty* for added peace of mind.
Bird On BranchBird Poo Stain Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution
Bat Poo Stain Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution
Tree Sap Stain Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution
Dragonfly SwarmBug Splatter Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution

Enquire Now

Get in touch with our dedicated team for paint protection in Gold Coast. Whether you’ve just taken delivery of a brand new car or restored a classic car and looking for effective car paint protection in Gold Coast to maintain that new and deep lustrous gloss, we’re here to help.

*warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.