Paint Protection Film Sydney


Protecting your car’s paintwork is one the most effective ways of ensuring it holds its value for longer, while keeping it looking in showroom condition even if you drive it daily.  This is why we have introduced a superior range of paint protection products that shield your car’s surface and provides lasting protection all year round.

Our Superior Range Of Paint Protection

  • Protektiv HYDRO – a permanent protection coating that is only applied once ever! Protektiv HYDRO is a tough yet flexible coating that provides lasting paint protection.
  • Endurance – a 3M paint protection film that offers superior paint protection. Endurance film can be applied to common areas such as door edges, or ledges to ensure most common prone to scratches are protected.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets it apart from many other providers of paint protection film in Sydney is that our films:

  • Are the highest quality automotive protective film, 3M.
  • Provide exceptional durability against virtually all environmental elements.
  • Are fully transparent and does not affect the original colour of your car, while providing a deep shine to its paintwork.
  • Are stain and fade resistant – an especially effective feature when looking for paint protection film in Sydney, with its harsh sun.

Get In Touch With The Team

Learn more about the most preferred car paint protection film in Sydney by speaking to our local team of professionals. With expert knowledge in Sydney’s car paint protection industry, we’re more than happy to take any questions you may have about protecting your car’s paintwork.