Paint Protection Film Coatings Reviews


The problem with the review of any product is the personal opinion, qualification and knowledge of the person writing the review. A good example is motoring reviews, most recently a paint protection film review that questioned the value of protecting the paintwork on new vehicles.

The Evolution of Paint Protection

This article omitted some very important facts about paint protection. Paint protection has undergone somewhat of an evolution; early paint sealants have left us with a (negative) legacy in that many were silicone-based and caused enormous problems if the paintwork was damaged or scratched and needed repainting.

Today’s High Performance Surface Coatings are engineered using nanotechnology which helps fill the porous surface of paintwork and provide exceptional damage from not just discolouration and fading, but more importantly, the very costly damage caused by bird & bat dropping & tree sap.

Make An Informed Choice

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