Paint Protection Darwin


If you just purchased a new vehicle in the Northern Territory, and looking for paint protection in Darwin, consider our Protektiv line of paint protection. Engineered to withstand even the toughest conditions, Protektiv is guaranteed to keep your vehicle protected and ensure cleaning is a breeze!

High Performance Nano Coating Paint Protection

  • Protektiv – Protektiv is a high performance paint protection coating that has been engineered to meet the Boeing D6-17487 specification. This means that it has been tested, proven and certified to the stringent standards as specified by Boeing for its compatible products.
  • Protektiv HYDRO – Protektiv HYDRO is made from a combination of Silica Carbide ceramic and SiO2. This exceptionally high performance ceramic coating provides extreme durability, hardness and a permanent super gloss finish. This makes it ideal as a Darwin paint protection option, to withstand the harsh Darwin climate that your vehicle must endure on a daily basis.

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

View Our Demonstration Videos

Watch our demonstration videos to see the Protektiv and Protektiv HYDRO applications in action. Being one of the most advanced paint protection coatings available in the market, the Protektiv range is your ultimate choice of paint protection in Darwin.