Paint Protection Cost


How much is paint protection for a car is one of the most frequent questions that we get asked by customers. The exact paint protection cost for your vehicle depends on the type of protection you’re after.

The Different Options In Car Paint Protection

  • Paint protection film – nearly invisible film to protect the areas’ most susceptible to scratches. With this, you can pick which areas you’d like protected most – such as door edges and the boot ledge. This means the paint protection film cost varies depending on which areas you’d like the film applied to.
  • Protektiv HYDRO – the world’s most advanced vehicle protection system. With exceptional gloss and reflectivity, Protektiv shields your entire car against common environment contaminants. And being abrasion resistant, it keeps your car looking new for longer even through the minor scratches of daily driving.

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As you can see, the cost of paint protection depends on the type of protection you’re after, and the size of your car. Enquire now to find out the exact paint protection cost for your specific vehicle.