Paint Protection Adelaide


Paint protection is one of those things that are often overlooked by most car owners. However car paint protection, when done right, is a serious investment in the value and longevity of your car’s surfaces. Not only does this mean your car could look newer for longer, but car paint protection is also a great way of helping maintain your car’s value over the years, even with continuous daily usage.

Our Range

MotorOne’s range of car paint protection in Adelaide extends across many products, depending on the surface application. For example:

  • Protektiv – is a unique combination of silica dioxide and ceramic to offer unparalleled car paint protection that fuses to the exterior paintwork, yet flexible enough not to crack or peel over its lifetime.
  • High Performance interior surface coatings create an easy to clean surface that helps provide a permanent solution against staining caused by common food and drink spills in your car’s interior.

Ask Us About Paint Protection

Get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about paint protection in Adelaide. With a dedicated dealer network and unparalleled knowledge in Adelaide paint protection, you’re in safe hands.