Opti Coat Paint Protection


Choosing the right type of vehicle protection can be daunting.  It’s not just finding the best product, but also knowing how the product warranty protect s you. Many brands offer lifetime warranties, (for example Opti Coat Paint Protection), however these are often subject to an annual maintenance plan which means taking your car to an authorised agent for inspection.

In a world where most of us are time-poor this is time consuming and not always achievable.  Opti Coat Paint Protection do offer other alternatives if you don’t want the inconvenience of an annual maintenance plan, however, the warranty on a new car will be limited to 7 years.

If you want the world’s most advanced vehicle protection system for cars, then Protektiv from MotorOne is the solution.  Protektiv coatings are backed by a nationwide lifetime warranty with no inspections, maintenance plans or re-application required.

Opti Coat Benefits

  • Protektiv Surface Coating for Paint combines the glass-like properties of silica delivering a long-lasting gloss & shine that never needs waxing or polishing with the superior abrasion resistance of ceramic which means the coating does not break down when exposed to dirt & road grime.
  • Protektiv Surface Coating for Paint is German Engineered and Boeing Certified – tested to the highest possible international standards for performance of a paint protection product.
  • The coating prevents weather induced oxidization & fading, and protects against a wide range of environmental contaminates including bird & bat droppings, tree sap, bug splatter, water marks & sunscreen marks.
  • MotorOne is Australia’s most respected distributor of quality car care products. Known as the pioneers of vehicle protection, our quality, performance, and commitment to service excellence are second to none.
  • As one of the few distributors of car care products with a true nationwide network, if you need service or warranty assistance, finding an authorised dealership or agent is easy.
Bird On BranchBird Poo Stain Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution
Bat Poo Stain Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution
Tree Sap Stain Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution
Dragonfly SwarmBug Splatter Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution

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So look no further than MotorOne if you want the very best in vehicle protection. Ask your selling dealer for Protektiv Vehicle Protection.