Opti Coat Paint Protection Review


Are you looking for a more permanent solution to keeping your car looking good? Tired of the countless hours and dollars you spend on detailing, waxing or possibly re-application of protective treatments for paint? Or perhaps those with limited and defined times for the warranty to remain valid?

The Opti Paint Protection Brand

Most brands including Opti coat paint protection provide a warranty for a fixed period of time meaning that if you do intend keeping the vehicle beyond the defined term, the product is not warranted.

The solution is clear – MotorOne is Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care products.

Protektiv - The Difference

Essentially, the difference between Protektiv and other products including Opti Coatpaint protection is the combination of the key ingredients in our formula.

  • Silicon (Silica) Dioxide which is a key ingredient in glass & crystal, provides outstanding and long lasting shine.
  • Combined with Ceramic which has exceptional tolerance to heat, abrasion and corrosion.
  • Tested and certified to Boeing D6-17487 standards.
  • Protektiv does not require reapplication, and our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty is supported by a team of professional, certified Protektiv technicians.

Why MotorOne?

MotorOne have been the pioneers in the evolution of protecting the paintwork on vehicles, and are now the proud and exclusive Australian distributor of Protektiv. Protektiv is the world’s most advanced paint protection system for cars – engineered in Germany, tested in the USA and sold exclusively in Australia by only selected  MotorOne dealerships.

In a world where we are often time-poor most of us have more important issues than worrying about the maintenance on our car!  We need a simple, cost effective solution.  We need performance & reliability and we need to know we have harnessed the latest global technology to protect the paintwork on our car.

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