New Car Paint Protection


Protecting a vehicle’s paintwork is an uphill battle that most car owners face on a daily basis, as they frequently strive to find new products of car paint protection to protect their vehicles from the elements.

New Protection Formula

Our new auto paint protection formula provides an added layer of protection. MotorOne’s new revolutionary vehicle paint protection system provides:

  • Protection against numerous factors including discolouration due to extreme weather conditions, fading, oxidization and loss of gloss, bug splatter and even bird and bat droppings
  • Needs to be applied only once!
  • Eliminates the need to wax and polish your vehicle on a regular basis

Complete Paint Protection

This new solution is ideal for most new car owners looking for a comprehensive car paint protection solution to ensure their car’s paintwork is maintained to its optimum condition.

Not only will this help preserve your car’s paintwork on the long run, but it may also help you maintain the value of your car even with continuous daily usage.

With an exceptionally-low pricing structure, the majority new car owners are placing their trust in MotorOne’s new car paint protection solution to maintain their vehicle in its optimum condition with minimum ongoing maintenance.

The One-Off Application

  • Requires no ongoing inspections
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Hassle free
  • Comprehensive paint protection solution

Get in Touch

Talk to a car paint protection expert at MotorOne to see how our new car paint protection solutions could be beneficial to you!