Nano Ceramic Tint


If you’re looking to tint your car windows, consider Protektiv – our range of nano ceramic tint specifically designed for great heat and glare reduction. Developed using the latest technology, Protektiv nano ceramic window film offers exceptional performance and value for money.

Benefits of Protektiv Window Film

  • Improved safety and protection – with up to 60% glare rejection and 99% UV rejection, improve you and your family’s safety against prolonged exposure against the harsh elements.
  • Maximum comfort and privacy – with up to 60% solar heat rejection, our nano ceramic window tint helps keep your car cooler in the warmer months. And what’s more, with the darker shade of nano ceramic film, you can improve your privacy by keeping prying eyes out.
  • Lifetime warranty – with a lifetime warranty*, rest assured that your investment is protected year after year.

Find Out More

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*warranty terms, conditions and limitations apply.