Motor Care Group


So you picked up a brochure in your dealership about a car care product and you want to know more about the supplier – Motor Care Group? If you want to know the very best way to care for your new car, then trust Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care products MotorOne – the innovators in car care.

Our High Performance Surface Coating for paint is a reactive surface coating that unlike the resin-based formulas offered by most other car care companies, does not break down when exposed to environmental contaminates.

National Network of Dealerships

Unlike Motor Care Group, MotorOne have a vast national network of dealerships, able to offer service and advice on the best way to protect your vehicle against our harsh Australian environment.

And, so you know you are getting the very best care, MotorOne certified dealership’s staff undergo extensive training including our technology and application to ensure each and every car gets the best possible attention and delivers the best possible result.

Why MotorOne?

  • We offer a wide range of High Performance Coatings all with our nationwide lifetime warranty
  • We have been part of the pioneering history of car care in Australia – we have the experience and we know the very best ways to protect your vehicle
  • We continue to invest in exploring the world of car care right across the globe – an innovative approach to delivering Australia’s best

Make An Informed Choice

Get in touch with your local MotorOne dealer today and find out why MotorOne offers the very best in vehicle protection.