Mobile Car Repairs


There are two things in life most of us would like more of, time and money! That’s why mobile car repairs are a fast-emerging market. There are a wide range of mobile car repairs available right across Australia, ranging from technical repairs to vehicle body repairs.

Get The Right Service

If you have a small scuff or dent on your car, the last thing you want to do is waste valuable time running around to organize the fix! So why not take advantage of having a repairer come to you at work or at home. The Schmick Cosmetic Repair Membership Program is the perfect solution for the time-poor vehicle owner.

Membership offers a wide range of benefits including mobile dent repairs, repairs to scrapes on bumpers and alloy wheels and even repairs to small holes and tears on the interior.

Chip in your windscreen? No problem, membership also includes repairs to small chips in your windscreen, all repairs are covered under our mobile car repair service. Mobile dent repairs is a hassle-free, time and money saving service that is a must for busy people.

Damaged Car Panel Before Protection TreatmentPreviously Damaged Car Panel After Protection Treatment

Why Choose Schmick Membership?

Schmick mobile car dent repair service is carried out by fully trained professional repairers and backed by the Schmick quality guarantee.

  • Mobile dent repairs are carried on site at work or at home. Put your feet up and enjoy a coffee while our professional and caring repair technician carries out the repairs for a small fixed repair cost.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to repair visits.
  • A wide range of member-only benefits including repairs to small holes and tears on fabric, vinyl and leather seats and trims.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with our team today and avoid the stress and inconvenience of running around to find a quality and reliable repairer, or risk losing your no-claim bonus when you make an insurance claim.