Luxury Car Care


Luxury car owners are often discerning buyers – not only do they enjoy the motoring experience of owning a luxury car – they also want to make sure they also choose the very best luxury car care products.

Superior Coverage & Protection

MotorOne is Australia’s leading distributor of luxury car care products including surface coatings engineered using nanotechnology that protect and preserve the paintwork on luxury cars.

  • High performance surface coating that provides a smooth, glossy finish to paintwork, enhancing the colour and appearance and protecting against a wide range of environmental contaminates.
  • Protect and preserve leather surfaces with MotorOne’s lanolin based leather preserver that softens and protects – suitable for all types of leather.
  • Nanotechnology coatings that are 1-off and provide a permanent solution for luxury car care.
  • Nationwide lifetime warranty on all coatings.

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If you are a luxury car dealer and want more information about our superior and high performance products, contact your local MotorOne team.