Leather Car Care Products


Most of us would agree we enjoy the look and feel of a leather interior when choosing a new car.  If you are planning to buy/have bought a new vehicle and will experience a leather interior for the first time, then finding the best leather care products can be somewhat of a challenge – particularly when there are so many leather cleaning products on the market, many claiming to be the best leather cleaners for cars.

Some car owners may not be confident about how they can care for a leather interior, particularly if they have not experienced the natural beauty of leather in previous cars.

The simple solution to caring for leather in your new car is to make sure the surface is protected using a quality carleather protection product.

The Simple Solution

Preserving and protecting the interior of your car using a high performance car leather protection is equally important as protecting  your sofa at home. Given that our car is in many cases exposed to an even harsher environment than the household sofa, car leather protection is essential if we want to enjoy the natural beauty of leather for many years to come.

MotorOne’s lanolin based formula not only protects and preserves leather surfaces in cars but keeps it soft and supple. Cleaning leather seats protected with our Leather Preserver is easy – a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust is usually all that is needed.

You will save time and money; no need to purchase expensive leather cleaning products which provide little if any real protection.

Safe Formula

MotorOne’s Leather Preserver is a PH neutral formula, making it safe for all kinds of leather, and with our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, you know you are in safe hands.

Don’t think cleaning –  rather than thinking about what is the best  leather cleaning products or how you will clean the leather in your new car, think protection – what car leather protection can do to save you time and money.

MotorOne Leather Preserver can be purchased as an individual treatment, or as part of one of our full protection programs.  Ask your dealership about how you too can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your car leather interior is protected from life’s little mishaps!

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