Is It Worth Getting Paint Protection on a New Car?


Common Questions About Paint Protection

One of the most common questions that our team at MotorOne receives is – is paint protection necessary on new cars?. The answer to that question is more than a simple yes or no, as you need to consider the reason why many people get paint protection on new cars or even older cars.

For example:

  • Does your vehicle have any existing paint swirls or scratches?
  • Does your car have any stone chips or debris related marks?
  • Does your car have any fading or discolouration of the paint work?

Benefits Of Paint Protection

If your car is brand new or relatively new, you probably answered no to these questions. In this instance, the answer to the question is it worth getting paint protection on a new car is pretty obviously yes, because paint protection film on a new car:

  • Protects against stone chips, paint swirls and minor scratches.
  • Provides a layer of defence against the elements, including prolonged UV exposure known to cause fading and discolouring of paint work.

And what’s more, you could even combine paint protection to cover your whole car, with paint protection film to reinforce the high-risk areas that are most prone to scratches. This could include door handles, door edges and bumper edges.

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So as you can see, both paint protection coatings and paint protection film are worth it in the long run for new cars, because your car could remain newer for longer!

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