How To Detail A Car


Car detailing sounds simple – surely anyone can detail a car and get a great result – right? – WRONG!  There are a lot of so-called experts who will tell you how to detail a car, but what they often fail to tell you, is that to get the best result, you need to start with the best possible quality car detailing products.

Why Auto Klene

That’s why the industry leaders in car detailing services choose Auto Klene products.  Auto Klene is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of professional car cleaning and detailing products.

Auto Klene offer a wide range of superior quality polishes, waxes and degreases, chemicals and accessories.

At Auto Klene, we don’t tell you how to detail a car, we recommend you put your car in the hands of an experienced and caring professional car detailer who know that using the best products helps achieve the best result.

  • Auto Klene is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of quality car detailing products.
  • Many of Australia’s leading car detailers choose only Auto Klene – for reliability, quality and service.
  • Auto Klene products also offer a comprehensive range of products designed specifically for the marine industry.
  • For every possible detailing application – insist on quality. Insist on Auto Klene.

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