How Good Is Paint Protection


What Is The Purpose Of Paint Protection?

Paint protection is a great way to keep your car looking sleek and shiny, just as the day you drove it out of the showroom. However, to determine how good paint protection is, consider:

  • Constant exposure to UV rays – our customers have found that paint protection really works in reducing the effects of UV rays. This means less fading and discolouration to your paintwork even after prolonged UV exposure.
  • Acidity from tree sap and bird droppings – by forming a layer of defence over your clear coat, it creates an effective barrier against staining from tree sap and bird droppings that would otherwise be hard to remove.
  • Paint protection film – applying protective film to areas most prone to scratches (such as door edges) is a great way to reduce surface scratching which may otherwise mean repainting the affected panels of your car.

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

How Good Is Paint Protection?

Read our testimonials to see for yourself how paint protection film works. If you’re still not convinced, get in touch with the team, we’re happy to demonstrate how paint protection really works using real life examples.