Fuel Injector Cleaning Service


With today’s advanced technology maintenance is vital to the continued performance of your vehicle, that’s why a quality fuel injector service is a must in order to prevent major costly repairs. Fuel injector cleaning service is offered by most leading dealerships and auto repairers.

Fuel injectors need specialized cleaning in order to maximize performance, efficiency and fuel consumption. Internal combustion engines need 3 things to work; air, fuel and spark.

Why You Should Look After Your Fuel Injectors?

After fuel is pumped from the holding (fuel) tank, the fuel in your car is filtered by the fuel filter which removes the majority of contaminates. However, smaller particles can sometimes get through the filter and foul the injector, preventing it from delivering fuel efficiently.

Over time, this will then effect the way the injector shoots the fuel into the chamber (engine) such as the angle and amount of fuel. Ultimately, this impacts on performance, and over time can lead to more serious and very costly problems including problems starting the car, poor acceleration, rough idling and reduced fuel economy.

Fuel injector cleaning services remove the contaminates and help restore the flow rate and spray pattern.

The MotorOne Range

MotorOne have a range of quality service treatments including our fuel injector cleaner service that will help protect and maintain your vehicle, maximize performance and reduce the potential for costly repairs associated with poor maintenance.

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