Darkest Legal Tint


Window tint film is a great addition to any vehicle. Not only does it make your car look sleeker, but it provides effective protection against harmful UV rays, glare and heat build-up in the warmer months.

Your Best Source For Darkest Legal Car Tint

We stock some of the best range of independently tested Cancer Council Endorsed automotive window tint films. Our films come in a range of different colour options, including almost clear tint to darkest legal tint options for those that prefer a darker shade of film.

Darkest legal car tint enhances the appearance of your car while helping protect resale value, with reduced fading and cracking of your car interior.

Car Window Film Before InstallationCar Window Film After Installation

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Enquire now to learn more about our high quality window tint films. With some of the best price darkest legal tint in the market, and expert advice on what’s the darkest legal tint in your state, we can help you make a more informed choice.