Ceramic Tint


Ceramic tint is one of the most advanced car window tinting films available in the market, compared to the more commonly available types of film. With superior performance and exceptional clarity, ceramic tint is the go-to choice for many car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Types Of Window Tint

  • Metallised film – manufactured using tiny metal particles embedded in the film. Metallised film provides a shiny appearance from the outside, but could interfere with internal electronics such as GPS reception.
  • Carbon window tint – usually dark and matte finished, and blocks approximately 40% of infrared light.
  • Ceramic tint – the highest quality film that contains a blend of ceramic particles that is nonconductive and non-metallic. The best ceramic tints often offer exceptional heat and UV reduction and is significantly better than other types of tint.
Car Window Film Before InstallationCar Window Film After Installation

The Best Ceramic Tint Brands In The Market

Our range of ceramic tint is one of the most recognised ceramic tint brands in Australia. Street Legal Window Film is the darkest legal tint that maximises safety (reduced glare), protection (UV rejection), comfort (heat rejection), privacy (light reduction), and quality (lifetime warranty*).

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