Ceramic Powder Coating


For an effective way to keep your car clean, without spending hours waxing and detailing on the weekends, get Protektiv HYDRO. Manufactured using the latest technology, Protektiv HYDRO is a globally certified ceramic powder coating for exterior and interior surfaces.

The Benefits of Protektiv Ceramic Powder Painting

  • Durable protection – manufactured using grains of silicon carbide, Protektiv HYDRO bonds permanently with your car’s paintwork during the ceramic powder coating process to create a hard shell.
  • Ease of cleaning – resists dirt, dust and road grime from sticking on to the surface, making it easier to clean.
  • Permanent mirror finish – offers a deep permanent mirror like gloss finish that doesn’t wear off.
  • National lifetime warranty* – added peace of mind knowing that your investment is backed for life.

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

Contact Us to Learn More

Get in touch to locate your closest dealer. We’re happy to walk you through the Protektiv ceramic powder coating process, so you can see for yourself why Protektiv HYDRO is the most advanced vehicle protection system available. We can also provide you with a quote based on your specific lifestyle requirements, to help you make a more informed choice.

* Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply