Ceramic Coating Companies and Process


If you’re looking for the best amongst the many ceramic coating services currently in the market, take a look at Protektiv HYDRO. With extensive rigorous testing, Protektiv HYDRO is a Boeing D6-17487 certified ceramic coating that has been proven and certified to last a lifetime.

The Cost of Ceramic Car Coating

To ensure you get the maximum value for your investment, we’ve designed Protektiv HYDRO in a modular package of interior and exterior products. This allows you to pick and choose the right products that match your individual lifestyle requirements, while keeping the ceramic coating for cars cost down.

  • Exterior ceramic coating – coating that infuses Silicon Carbide to offer a permanent mirror-like super gloss. Being one of the most durable ceramic coating application, Protektiv HYDRO offers extreme hardness with up to 4 times harder than quartz based protectors.
  • Interior coating – super durable stain resistant interior coating that works by bonding to individual fibres of your interior surfaces. This results in a permanent stain defence system against common food and drink spills, make up and sunscreen.

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Being one of the largest ceramic coating companies, there’s no better place to get your ceramic coating done. With extensive and rigorous real world testing carried out during the research and development process, rest assured that you’re getting the best.

With a professional one-off application ceramic coating process, Protektiv HDRO is a true set-and-forget product that lasts a lifetime. Enquire now to learn more.