Ceramic Car Coating


Ceramic coating (also known as nano ceramic coating) is a professional hand-applied liquid coating that is applied to the external surfaces of your car. Ceramic paint coating works by bonding to your car’s existing paint layer and creates a hard shell that provides excellent abrasion resistance and protects your car’s paintwork against everyday driving conditions, helping keep your car looking newer for longer.

What Does Ceramic Car Coating Do?

  • UV protection – offers great protection form the effects of ultraviolet rays. This includes oxidation and fading.
  • Chemical stains – defence against natural acid substances such as tree sap and bird droppings.
  • Deeper gloss finish – enhances the reflectivity of your paint, and provides great depth and clarity of metallic paintwork.
  • Ease of maintenance – helps repel stains, dirt and road debris away, making it easier to clean your car. This is particularly evident in ceramic coating exhaust pipes and surfaces closer to the road surface.

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