Car Wash Products Suppliers


Everyone wants to prolong that unique experience of owning a new car. The look, the feel; even the smell all make owning a new car a wonderful experience. You could find a car wash products supplier and spend hours with a sponge or chamois, or you could find a better solution to maintaining that new car look!

We know just how much most new car owners want to prolong this experience and that’s why we have created our range of high performance coatings designed to preserve and protect every type of vehicle both outside and inside.

Superior Coverage & Protection

All coatings have been engineered using nanotechnology which means superior coverage, protection and durability in even the harshest Australian environment. The range:

  • MotorOne is Australia’s leading distributor of vehicle protection.
  • Our range includes surface coating for paint, interior coatings purpose built for leather or vinyl and our unique formula for fabric & carpet protection which contains a powerful anti-bacterial system Bactishield.
  • MotorOne offer a truly Nationwide Lifetime Warranty on all coatings.

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