Car Upholstery Cleaner


We all know that most people are visual – they want what looks good. For most of us, this is particularly important when we buy a pre-owned car.

Stains and marks on the upholstery can significantly affect resale value of any car so choosing a quality car upholstery cleaner is important. By preserving the appearance of your vehicle, you ultimately help preserve future resale value.

Auto Klene

Auto Klene is Australia’s leading distributor of quality car cleaning and detailing products. Car detailing professionals all know that using the best quality products is important if you want to get the best possible result.

That’s why the professionals use and choose Auto Klene car upholstery cleaner. So if you want to have your car detailed, ask your detailing professional to use only Auto Klene quality products.

Auto Klene Offer

  • Superior quality polishes and waxes to create outstanding results on every type of vehicle
  • A wide range of products including car upholstery cleaner
  • A comprehensive range of products for a variety of applications for the marine industry.
  • The Auto Klene enviable reputation for after-sales service.
  • And, if you are looking for unique business opportunity, why not contact us about an Auto Klene franchise? Enjoy financial independence as an owner-operator of an Auto Klene mobile showroom with a dedicated area that offers you the opportunity for not just business sustainability, but business growth.

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