Car Underbody Rust Guard Protection


Many car owners underestimate the potential for rust to develop in any vehicle. If you are one of the lucky Australians who live near the coast, or perhaps you plan on taking a road trip or family outing.

At some point your vehicle will be exposed to a combination of environmental factors which can contribute to the formation rust, and making an informed choice about under car rust protection is important.

What is Underbody Rust Protection?

Underbody rust protection is a thick wax-like coating that adheres to the metal, sealing out salt, moisture and oxygen all of which contribute to the formation of rust. And, because the coating has thixotropic qualities, it can’t be scraped off, won’t crack or crumble like traditional bitumen-based underbody rust protection.

Waxguard Rustguard is a proven formula that protects your vehicle from perforation rust which may not just affect the resale value of your vehicle, but ultimately could also potentially compromise your safety.

Serious Protection

At MotorOne we take vehicle protection seriously. Underbody rust protection is only one of the products in our protective treatments and coatings range.

Rustguard can be combined with upper body rust protection which when sprayed into door cavities, sills, behind light wells & bumpers etc.

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