Car Touch Up Paint


Unless you have the expertise to carry out a touch up to the paint on your car, the repair will always be obvious. So what about a more permanent and professional solution?

Car paint touch ups need an expert if you want to get the best result. And not just an expert in car paint touch ups but an expert in a wide range of small or cosmetic repairs on vehicles.

MotorOne Cosmetic Repair Membership

These programs are your permanent solution. SMART is a member-only program that offers a wide range of benefits including dent & scuff mark removal, gutter scuffs on alloy wheels, repairs to bumpers and wing mirrors, stone chip paint touch ups, windscreen chip repairs and even interior repairs of small holes and tears on upholstery.

To get the best result, you need a fully trained professional to carry out any cosmetic repair. Car paint touch ups if not carried out by a professional can have a significant impact on not just the appearance of your vehicle, but ultimately the potential future resale value.

MotorOne SMART Cosmetic Repair Membership program gives you a wide range of member-only benefits including our mobile on-site service. For a small fixed-price repair cost our professional, experienced and fully trained technicians will carry out car paint touch ups and other cosmetic repairs whilst you sit back in the comfort of your home or office.

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No running around to panel repairers, no insurance claim, no time or money wasted. So if you want to get a professional car paint touch up, enquire about our service to find out how you can get started and enjoy the benefits of membership today.