Car Scratch Repair Sydney


At MotorOne, we can make getting minor damage repaired easy. If you are looking for car scratch repair in Sydney, become a member of one of MotorOne’s Cosmetic Repair Membership Programs. This fully mobile service comes to you at work or home!

Why Cosmetics Repair Membership?

  • Fixed term and can range from 2-4 years
  • Program dependent
  • Repairs carried out by fully trained technicians
  • Using latest repair technology

The MotorOne NSW team of fully trained repair technicians will carry out car scratch repairs, around Sydney, using the latest repair technology.

Giving you the best possible results possible, all our vans are fully equipped with the latest global repair technology.

Services Across Sydney

Our car scratch repair services cover all of Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Professional and reliable, our quality satisfaction guarantee gives peace of mind that your repair will be done right.

Arrange for one of our car scratch repair technicians to restore the following:

  • Scrapes and scratches on bumpers and wing mirrors
  • Pressure dents on doors and other flat panels
  • Stone chips and scuff marks
  • All with outstanding results
  • We even fix windscreen chips and minor damage to interior surfaces such as holes and tears on fabric, leather or vinyl seats and trims.

What Other Repairs Are Covered In The Membership?

Interior Repairs.
Cosmetic repair to vinyl, leather & fabric seats and interior trim.

Repairs of up to 2 front windscreen stone chips with a maximum diameter of 3mm.

Stone Chips.
Cosmetic repair of up to 20 stone chips to a maximum size of 3mm per stone chip.

Alloy Wheels – Hub Caps.
Repair and repaint gutter scrapes and surface marks to an alloy wheel or up to 2 hub caps.

Get In Touch

For more about becoming a member, visit the Cosmetic Repair Membership Programs page or get in touch with our friendly team.