Car Protection Film


Paint protection is one of those things that are often overlooked by most car owners. However car paint protection, when done right, is a serious investment in the value and longevity of your car’s surfaces. Not only does this mean your car could look newer for longer, but car paint protection is also a great way of helping maintain your car’s value over the years, even with continuous daily usage.

Our Range

Whether you’ve just bought a new car or your car is fairly new, investing in car paint protection is a great way of caring for your car. For example, some of the benefits of paint protection include:

  • Reduced maintenance time: because of Protektiv’s car paint protection film creating a clear layer of defence against the elements, dirt and road grime are less likely to stick on to your paint surfaces.
  • Keep your car looking newer for longer: keep your car looking new and shiny just as you drove it out of the dealership for longer due to the paint protection film formed by Protektiv.
  • Protect your car’s value: car protection film helps protect your car’s value as it reduces paint discolouration and fading even with prolonged UV exposure.

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Speak to our team of car paint protection specialists to find out more information. With a lifetime warranty available on almost all products, rest assured that your investment is protected for life!