Car Paint Repair


Time for the weekly visit to your local supermarket. Everyone knows just how hard it is to navigate around a carpark with a fully loaded supermarket trolley! And that’s why so many of us have experienced a scratch or scrape on our parked car. A common occurrence is car paint scratches on bumpers. Or perhaps they did! Car paint scratches on bumpers is the most common reason why people call our Cosmetic Repair Membership team.

Cosmetic Repair Program

MotorOne offer a range of Cosmetic Repair Programs that provide members with access to a wide range of cosmetic repairs at one low fixed price cost.

And, because all our scratches and car paint repairs are carried out on-site, the programs are a convenient and money saving solution to quality car paint repairs.

So what is included in membership? We repair bumpers, pressure dents, stone chips, scrapes on mirror casings, surface scuffs and alloy wheel damage caused by gutter scrapes.

Many of our programs don’t just include car paint repairs, but also interior repairs such as small holes and tears in vinyl, leather and fabric.

Scratch & Dent Services

Once you become a member, to organize a car paint repair or other member-only service, all you do is click on our website or call our friendly Customer Service team.

Our fully trained technicians come to you at home or at work. All technicians are fully trained in not just car paint repairs but using the latest repair technology to get the best result for all your cosmetic repairs.

And all for one low cost fixed per-repair price. Our quality of repair is guaranteed – the best possible result for the lowest possible price; what a winning combination! Car paint scratches are and will always be to a very great degree unavoidable.

Interior Repairs.
Cosmetic repair to vinyl, leather & fabric seats and interior trim.

Repairs of up to 2 front windscreen stone chips with a maximum diameter of 3mm.

Stone Chips.
Cosmetic repair of up to 20 stone chips to a maximum size of 3mm per stone chip.

Alloy Wheels – Hub Caps.
Repair and repaint gutter scrapes and surface marks to an alloy wheel or up to 2 hub caps.

Get In Touch

All work is carried out by our professional, friendly and reliable team, and you enjoy the MotorOne quality satisfaction guarantee on all repairs. And our programs are designed for both new and pre-owned cars up to 5 years old (subject to inspection).

Don’t put up with car scratches or dents, become part of the MotorOne Cosmetic Car Repair Program by getting in touch with our friendly team.