Car Paint Protection


You have probably chosen the make & model of car you want to buy, know what accessories or extras you will need and probably even know the colour you want! But what about how you will protect your new car? Car paint protection is a must in today’s environment and an important part of the entire new car buying experience.  So what does car paint protection really do and how does it work?

The Technology

Traditional car paint protection simply seals the surface and creates a barrier to dirt & grime, however will break down over time resulting in limited protection, particularly for those who keep their cars for longer periods of time.

Protektiv from MotorOne is the world’s most advanced vehicle protection system for cars.  Silica dioxide and ceramic nano particles create a glass-like coating that delivers outstanding & long-lasting shine and protection from weather induced oxidization, and a wide variety of environmental contaminates such as bird & bat droppings, tree sap & water marks.

The Application

Using a buff to apply car paint protection is usually the preferred application method for many resin-based products.

The problem is, buffing can result in swirl marks on the surface which can be very obvious, particularly on dark coloured vehicles.

Protektiv is a hand-applied coating, carried out by fully trained and certified Protektiv applicators.

The Maintenance

Some products require regular rejuvenation and some even require reapplication.  The super hydrophobic properties of the Protektiv coating creates an easy-clean surface which requires only hand washing with a PH neutral car shampoo.

The Warranty & Backup

MotorOne is Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care products.  That’s why so many Australian dealerships choose MotorOne as their preferred supplier.

Our reputation, brand performance and customer support is second to none.  All Protektiv coatings are backed by our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.

Get in Touch

Protektiv protection is not just about the paintwork on your car.  Protektiv coatings have been engineered using nanotechnology and protect all interior surfaces as well including leather, vinyl & plastics and fabric & carpets. MotorOne is your total solution to vehicle protection.  We offer a wide variety of protection products and packages which can be tailored to suit both your needs and your budget. Get in touch to find out more.