Car Paint Protection Sydney


If you live and/or work in the Sydney area, and want to find out more about how to protect your car from environmental damage, the good news is that a significant number of car dealerships recommend the best car paint protection available in Sydney and in fact in Australia. MotorOne car paint protection.

If you are considering up-grading your vehicle, then plan to save time and money by choosing new car paint protection when you visit your Sydney dealership

Why Choose MotorOne?

So what type of new car paint protection should you choose? A high-performance coating is the only long term solution to reducing maintenance and keeping cars protected against our hazardous environment.

Our Performance Coatings create self-cleaning properties on the painted surface which means that contaminates don’t readily adhere to the surface, making washing a breeze. MotorOne Performance Coatings range is engineered by harnessing the latest global technology.

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

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All MotorOne Performance Coatings are backed by our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty giving you total peace of mind and a value for money solution to protecting your vehicle. So next time you visit a dealership in Sydney, ask about MotorOne high performance paint protection.