Car Paint Protection Reviews


Paint protection eliminates the need for polishing & waxing. Read the following paint protection reviews to see the difference paint protection has made to their car care habits.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“I got dark knight tint and full interior and exterior Protektiv. I leave my car on a busy Main road all day while I’m at work and the dirt and dust just wiped straight off. Being a bright red car it really does make it so much easier to keep looking clean without having to wash it every week. I would very highly recommend it to anyone and 100% will be getting it on my future cars.” – Frank, Sept 2016

“Protektiv – wouldn’t have a car without it!… Protektiv is the best paint protection I have ever had. I thought that Xpack was great. Protektiv is amazing!!” – Chelle, Aug 2016

“Just an absolute pleasure! I’m a very skeptical person when it comes to these sort of products, and I really like to do my homework before I make a decision. A salesman suggested the Protektiv for my car as he knows I am fussy with the way it looks.. It took me a while to make a choice as there is a lot of bad reviews out there for similar products, but please don ‘t compare them to the quality of Protektiv as they are not the same… I am glad I made the choice to get the product, and did I forgot to mention good bye to all the wax and polish!” -Eugine, Sept 2016

New Nanotechnology Protection

Car paint protection has significantly evolved from the early paint sealants to what is available today. We have now harnessed global technology, to produce a range of protection, developed to withstand even the harshest environments.

New generation coatings that are engineered using nanotechnology are now in many auto paint protection review articles, particularly those authored by motoring experts familiar with luxury cars.

MotorOne continue to invest in global technological advancements. The result is state-of-the-art surface coatings that provide a total solution to vehicle protection both for the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Bird On BranchBird Poo Stain Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution
Bat Poo Stain Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution
Tree Sap Stain Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution
Dragonfly SwarmBug Splatter Before Protektiv Hyrdo Solution

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