Car Paint Protection Brisbane


Queensland Sunshine Super State – remember the advertising? We really are in many ways the lucky state, plenty of sunshine and a relaxed lifestyle that allows us to enjoy one of Australia’s most beautiful climates.

So why waste time looking after your car when you can get high-quality car paint protection in Brisbane and right across Queensland that will allow you to spend less time cleaning your car and more time doing the things you really enjoy!

Why Choose MotorOne?

Our range of high performance coatings have been developed specifically to withstand the harsh Australian climate and the often-relentless UV which can damage the paintwork on your car and lead to oxidization, fading and loss of gloss.

Keep your car looking good for longer, and with the added benefit of eliminating the need to ever wax or polish! Imagine a car that looks great and is so easy to maintain.

  • MotorOne offer a nationwide warranty on all High Performance Coatings.
  • MotorOne have over 30 years’ experience in vehicle protection.
  • Enjoy a lifetime warranty on all our coatings.
  • Unlike traditional paint sealants, MotorOne High Performance Coatings are not broken down by environmental contaminates.

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

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So, don’t waste time and enjoy more of our beautiful Queensland sunshine. Ask your selling dealer about MotorOne High Performance Surface Coating, or contact us today.