Car Interior Cleaning Protection


If you ask most car enthusiasts as to what the most time consuming area of maintaining their car would be, most of them would probably answer that it’s the car interior cleaning. No matter how much time you spend cleaning your car’s interior, you’d never quite be able to get it to that ‘factory-like’ look as you’d like.

This may be due to several factors such as sunlight causing discoloration of your car’s interior. While it is true that a car’s interior (or exterior for that matter) would always be subject to a certain amount of deterioration over time, the good news is that MotorOne has the solution to long lasting interior protection.

The MotorOne Difference

What differentiates MotorOne’s high performance car interior protection products from the over the shelf car interior cleaning products is that they are a professionally applied, once off application product – meaning that you don’t have to spend your weekends purchasing and re-applying.

Plus the MotorOne car interior protection products contain an innovative solution that forms a protective barrier on the surface it’s applied on, making the surfaces more resistant to dust and grime.

Leather, Vinyl, Fabric and Carpet Surfaces

With applications available for leather, vinyl, fabric and carpet surfaces, there’s a tailored solution to almost any car interior protection need. Each of these car interior protection products are specifically formulated to suit Australian conditions, to ensure your car is protected at all times, whether it’s the heat and sun or the low humidity winter conditions.

One of the best features of these solutions is that they are a one off application. This means that once applied your car interior protection needs are all sorted out!

With no inspections necessary and a lifetime warranty available on them, you’re guaranteed peace of mind knowing that constant car interior cleaning needs are a thing of the past!

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